A child of mine.
About Brett.
Thank You.

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These amazing people worked to make Brett’s last says as full as possible.

These  health professionals  from Princess Margaret, Mount Sinai, Sick Kids and Toronto General did their best to give Brett a fighting chance.  Because of them, Amiya was able to get to know her father.

Thank you for your support and making Brett’s send off as pleasant an experience as it could be.

The Canadian Cancer Society provided many drives to the Toronto hospitals making it much easier for Brett to get treatmentt and taking a lot of pressure off  of  Denise for the travel.

Hospice Simcoe was wonderful helping Denise find many resources to make Brett’s life easier while he was being treated and helping him to be able to stay at home.

Gilda’s club was such a great help providing moral support and a place to get away when we needed some private time .  Some of the more tangible help was also very much appreciated.

A very special thank you to all those that provided personal assistance!  

You made a  big difference !